jQuery 1.3 intellisense

Jeez! Seems like I’m doing a lot of JavaScript these days…

I’m working on an existing site at my company (developed before I joined), and I’ve managed to set up some work for myself to improve the site’s performance and design. I’ve been wanting to do it for quite a while! My plan is to remove Asp.net ajax and replace it with jQuery. I’m also going to be doing some JS and CSS file combining using a .ashx handler (code is 90% finished) – will post it when ready. Maybe once I’ve proven that it works well, I can convince them to can Asp.net web forms and use Asp.net MVC instead, so that we can increase our unit testing code coverage.  

I’m busy doing some funky stuff using jQuery, and remembered that I’m supposed to have intellisense. I’m using jQuery 1.3.2, and found this link on enabling intellisense for it (seeing that it used to be supported in 1.2.6).



~ by hendrikswan on May 19, 2009.

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